Turkish bath

Perform a nostalgic welfare session with the experience of a real Turkish Bath. With the rituals of the Turkish Bath, you will feel that both your body and your soul are rested with pleasant aroma and care.


Feel the comfort of the miracle! With the spa, you can revitalize your body, eliminate toxins and accelerate your metabolism. You will experience the Mediterranean heat.


It is an art of healing the Indian way. This technique aims to ensure that the integrity of mind, body and mind is in harmony. A wide variety of different aromas and techniques are utilized while Ayruveda is applied. An ideal choice to feel yourself rebirth!


Japanese means “finger pressure”. The hands and fingers are used with different techniques to influence the energy flow channels of the body so that the body can get its natural “Healthy Life Flow”.

Hot Stone (Hot Stone Massage)

Hot stone massage, used as an alternative therapy, is a therapeutic art that stimulates the body’s energy centers to provide spiritual balance and harmony. This massage, which is made using hot volcanic stones, aims to regulate energy flow by affecting different points of the body.


It is a physiological and psychological relaxation session made by the expert’s hand, one-on-one attention. It loosens the muscles and regulates the flow of energy to purify your body of stress. With hard and soft temps, you can let your whole body relax.

Kids club

Everyone needs to enjoy it on vacation! The minors are spending time with instructors and entertaining activities, accompanied by expert trainers, discovering new worlds while vacationing with their families!

Gym – Fitness

It is not hard to stay fit on holiday! With our equipped fitness center you can do sports in many different disciplines, you can prevent your holiday form from dropping.

Live the day

Cinema Hall, Darts, Table Tennis, Aerobics, Gymnastics, Step, Animation and Night Shows, Backgammon, Chess, Card Games, Disco, Mini Golf