Quality Policy

Miracle Resort Hotel;

In accordance with international standards, the institution provides an implementation of the quality management system by our employees.

  • We continually monitor the quality of services used by our guests and work on their improvement.
  • We investigate on all complaints, try to find solutions and inform our guests about it if possible.
  • To provide our guests satisfaction we try to ensure the satisfaction of our employees.
  • To offer our guests healthy food, we use only products that are physically, chemically and microbiologically speckles.
  • As an organization, we systematically improve the standards of quality, safety and environment protection.
  • We regularly organize trainings for our employees to exchange information about quality management system.
  • Observing the state and regional laws connected with food safety, environmental protection and labor, we aim to improve them and to gain the leading position in this field.
  • Most efficient use of natural resources and prevents nature preserve environment pollution. Reduces waste consumption, recycling makes things and harmless.
  • Our employees, our guests and business partners minimizes potential risks to health and safety Avoids accidents.
  • We work on the development and application of new technologies, infrastructure and equipment in these spheres.
  • We collaborate on equality with national and international tour operators and providers, and through our work we offer maximum profitability and coordination; furthermore we always aspire to improve our partnership.
  • In overt way of management we provide professionalism, honesty, diligence and reliability

Ahmet R. İLLEZ
General Manager